Regione Besicche 55/ B - C  Tagliolo  Monferrato AL
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|||||||| The O.ME.F. was born in 1991 near Alessandria, Tagliolo Monferrato.
Covering an area of 1200 square meters and large outdoor spaces, our company operates about 2,200 hours of internal production and about 500 hours by relying on third parties to external processes such as heat treatments, axles and other adjustments.
The management and production is followed by the owner Massimo Ferlisi.


In his workshops are carried out by mechanical metal removal, construction and assembly of mechanical units.
The company is specialized in supplying spare parts to the main Italian companies in the steel sector, food and oil.
The experience led the O.ME.F. to combine professionalism and expertise in processing the needs of even the
most articulate of the customers. With the completion of each component, dimensional inspection is carried out in the control room with measuring instruments certified by quality control.
Deliveries are certificates that identify the products on a proper system of quality.

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