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Products - Construction machine

Mg systems  line equipment for pumping and transport of mortars cement

Our knowledge due to years of experience in the industry has led us to develop a line of reliable and efficient machinery for pumping and transport of cement mortars.

The advantages of mechanize the work are primarily :

-Constant quality of the material used

-Reduction of working times, the machine has a constant daily production is not affected by fatigue as a human being

-Decrease in workers and staff never have to heavy and repetitive works, but motivated staff able to control and refine

-Decrease in infrastructures : with one machine you dough, transport, apply. Wheelbarrows, cranes, scaffolding, winches can be removed .

Our machines use different pumping systems :

Piston pumps: made of a special compound abrasion, housed in a steel cylinder reported in thick hard material. The result is high performance and long life of pumping element

Screw Pumps: made of tempered steel screw and rubber stator without maintenance, the result is low operating cost, but duration of screw and stator lower comparate to piston model.

Mg systems  plastering and mixers for cementitious mortars and traditional premixed

Different engines available:

Single and three phase electric motors

Internal combustion engines, gasoline or diesel on request.

Our machines are designed for pumping both cement-based material for traditional plaster and plaster premixed bag


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